The key benefit of hydro-excavation versus traditional excavating is that less material is removed, which turns into less disposal, less back-fill, less restoration, fewer man-hours worked, and money saved.

  • Pipelines

    Hydro-excavation has become an indispensable tool when working on oil and gas pipelines

  • Plot Holing

    Exposing utilities/ “daylighting”

  • Debris Removal and Cleanouts

    Remove silt in a catch basin

  • Slot Trenching

    A narrow “slot” trench will show you all the utilities in an area

  • Piling Holes

    Hydro-excavation is perfect for piling holes in a congested underground environment

  • Culverts and Cattle Guards

    Cleaning culverts and cattle guards is made simple with hydro-vac

  • Cathodic Protection

    We dig anode holes in all kinds of environments, up to 50 feet deep

  • Plants

    LineQuest is the solution while working in congested areas

  • Special Applications

    LineQuest can also hydro-vac water wells, drilling rigs, drill pits, and frac tanks

Hydro-excavating within City

LineQuest provides hydro-excavation services to the following markets:



Oil and Gas

Commercial Construction


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