GIS Mapping

LineQuest uses its GIS Trimble mapping system to produce various styles of mapping. From oilfield leases to city municipalities, LineQuest can produce easy to read maps to meet your needs.

  • Accurate asset location and data collection methods

  • Create detailed custom maps for office and field use

  • Produce digital GIS data in all industry standard formats

  • Mobile access to asset data for field workers

Drone Services

Geographic information systems (GIS) software can be used to gather and analyze all kinds of geographic data. It can be used to analyze spatial data and create highly detailed maps. GIS maps typically start with a base layer and then thematic map layers are overlaid on top of the base to create a detailed map of an area. For example, a base layer might be a GIS air photo taken by one of our drones and then other thematic map layers might be things like roads, power poles, and a suburb map.

The innovation of drone use for GIS mapping provides multiple benefits, many of which can be seen almost immediately.  One, in particular, is the time saved by their use.

Drones equipped with cameras that can transmit various types of GIS data lower costs on multiple levels. Camera-equipped helicopter or plane fly-bys are no longer necessary in a lot of situations, and drones can remain just as steady as on-the-ground survey tools so you don’t have to re-measuring due to human error.

LineQuest has fully trained and certified drone operators ready to assist our clients with all of their GIS mapping needs.

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